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Heated Jackets with Comfort Designed for You.

What makes Heated Jackets & Heated Clothing by Gobi Heat special?

Conductive Thread Heat Elements

The Low, Medium, and High settings on our heated jackets, hoodies and gloves allow you to adapt to the environment and stay heated throughout your day. Our heated jackets give up to 10 hours of heat.

Layers of Quality

Even without the heating elements, our heated jackets are superior quality and we partner with top of the line material manufacturers.

Full Day Adventure

7.4v heated jacket battery gives you up to 10 hours of heat. Then just recharge the battery in 3-4 hours and you are ready to go. Grab your heated jacket or heated winter clothing option plus an additional battery for longer excursions.

Get Rid of The Bulk

Not only is the charger small and compact but the battery is as well. It’s sleek and fits comfortably in the heated jacket, making it less bulky than our competitors.

Wind and water resistant

Most of our heated clothing products are wind and water resistant, allowing you to fight the harsh elements. Our Sahara heated jackets are built with wind and water resistant soft shell fabric with ultra-soft fleece lining.

Guaranteed quality

We back up all of our heated clothing products with a one year warranty. If our products are defective in any way, we’ve got your back.

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