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About redesign

Our mission at Gobi Heat is to provide warmth and comfort through heated clothing for all needs. Whether enjoying the outdoors or just looking for that little bit of extra desired warmth while being inside, our team provides quality heated apparel for all needs.

Where it all began

Our founder is a woman who was constantly cold and found herself shying away from outdoor winter activities. She was missing out on family activities because of her dread of the winter weather. After trying other brands of heated clothing available at the time, she knew that both the design and the performance could be greatly improved upon. With a diverse array of light weight and unobtrusive designs, along with continual evolution, Gobi Heat has a product line we are proud of.

Using current technology and manufacturing processes, Gobi Heat continues to offer clothing ideal for all your heated clothing needs, whether you find yourself camping, attending a sports game, hunting or just running errands in the cold.

What does "Gobi" mean?

Gobi Heat is named after the vast Gobi Desert that straddles both Mongolia and China. The Gobi Desert is a fascinating place because its temperatures range from 122ºF in the summer to as low as -27ºF in the winter. The Gobi reminds us to be ready for anything. Much like its namesake, Gobi Heat strives for ongoing growth and evolution. Harness the heat of the desert with Gobi Heat Heated Apparel.